Are there any plans to start optimizing with location pages based on service areas and targeted Geo’s? (Considering product and website level of course.)?

This practice is already being done on a large number of websites that we do SEO on. We performed a study in early 2019 and again in early 2020 of the impact of geo-specific landing pages. The results showed that some dealers experienced a small, positive increase in keyword rankings in the geo that the landing page was built for. Other dealers showed no improvement. Some dealers actually showed a negative impact on rankings in the geo that the landing pages were built for. Based on our studies, we concluded (both times) that geo landing pages should be used on an as needed basis and should be at the discretion of the SEO Analyst. Once geo-landing pages are built out, if SEO Analyst feels they are necessary, the results are monitored to make sure the impact was positive.

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