How would you explain Boost and backlinks to a dealer?

I wouldn’t (just kidding). As far as I know, Boost and Backlinks are the same thing, so we only need to explain one. Here is an analogy you can use where Google is the host of a party and websites are the guests:

Pretend the internet is one big party that Google is hosting. The “people” attending this party are websites and there are different reasons why Google will invite them and also reasons why Google will tell the other guests about them or not. One of the biggest metrics that Google is going to use, is what everyone at the party is talking about and who they are talking about. This helps Google learn more about everyone’s interests and areas of expertise.

Even if “Bob’s HVAC” is invited to the party, without any friends there, Google doesn’t really know who Bob is or what Bob does. Bob is at the party, but he’s standing alone in the corner and no one else at the party, including Google really wants to talk with Bob. Now, if Bob comes to the party with 25 friends that are all talking about HVAC services and mentioning Bob’s name, Google now hears this and is made aware that Bob knows his stuff when it comes to HVAC. After talking with Bob’s friends, Google learns more about him and if someone asks Google about HVAC, Google is going to say, ‘go talk to Bob’!

This is the process of Boost; we’re creating content to make Google aware of the existence of websites and to inform Google what type of search terms are relevant to that site.

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