Is there are any specific statistics/trends IT looks for in campaigns to make sure they are progressing and improving?

IT is always checking trends of keywords, website traffic, traffic quality, and most importantly lead volume. At the end of the day, we encourage the growth of organization by generating quality leads!

We recently developed an internal scoring system that we refer to as a “value score” and is used to monitor campaign performance on a monthly basis for each dealer. Each month, we identify campaigns that are underperforming, performing well and over performing. With the underperforming campaigns, we take remediation steps that include a full on-site and off-site SEO audit and campaign analysis. From this audit/analysis, we put together a list of items that might help to improve the campaign performance. We then document and implement the changes made to the campaign for future reference. Each month, we review these campaigns to ensure that they’re trending in the right direction. If the remediation steps haven’t improved the campaign, we go back to the drawing board to try different methods. If dealers show up on the underperformers list for multiple months, we escalate the campaign to Management and Senior staff to do a more thorough review of the campaign to suggest more drastic measures for improving the campaign.

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