Research shows that 70% of consumers purchase services on their mobile devices.* It’s as easy as a download and a click. Deploying a dealer-branded mobile app is not only a necessity, but also a cost-effective way of increasing customer loyalty and ultimately driving repeat business.

Attract, Sell, and Retain Customers

mta360TM‘s Dealer-To-Consumer App has been researched and developed around the HVAC industry’s needs. The mta360TM Dealer-To-Consumer App has built-in incentives which encourage the consumer to download the App to their mobile device. Once downloaded, the consumer will immediately realize the value of the App.

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How it works:

  • Requires minimal hands-on operation
  • The Dealer chooses what rewards and incentives to offer the consumer
  • Seamlessly posts to Facebook and other social media sites
  • Increases your website’s SEO value with Google
  • The customer downloads the App at time of service or via an email sent from your existing database.
  • Once downloaded, the customer is encouraged to leave a review about your company on Google and other syndication directories. The consumer receives an additional incentive to do the review.
  • The App automatically captures the consumer’s email for your database use.
  • The top 25 Google reviews will be placed on your website if your website has this functionality.
  • Full email, text, and phone support is available, including how-to videos and online tutorials.

Get ahead of competitors in the HVAC industry with mta360‘s mobile app!

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*Research data provided by Neilsen Marketing, 2015.
Google and Facebook are registered trademarks.