Search engine marketing (SEM) is a paid marketing strategy which increases your website’s visibility by placing you at the top of search engine results. Through effective keyword targeting and construction of strategic landing pages, our team will help enhance visibility and drive traffic to your business. The mta360TM SEM team will produce a visually appealing layout, which includes unique and well-written content and graphics. Our landing pages are a lucrative tool in improving your online visibility with a clear call to action and links intended to effectively convert sales. In-depth reporting from our team keeps you updated on accurate data related to your campaign, helping to determine the most efficient conversion techniques that can be incorporated into your landing page. With mta360TM, you can feel confident that your prospective clients see you before they see your competition!

 Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

handshakeSEM campaigns powered by Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads allow your business to move above and beyond the competition with the most visibility on the results page. PPC is a technique which involves the bidding and buying of ad space in search engines such as Google. A unique campaign brings your pitch to customers who are searching for goods and services, based on the keywords they use during their search. The mta360TM team has the knowledge and experience to find the right keywords for your PPC campaign. PPC helps connect eager customers with your product instantly so you can maximize lead generation and sales conversions.

Using proven methods, we’ll help drive interested and high quality web traffic to your website, while utilizing a budget to maintain efficiency. In a timely and professional manner, our analysts will work with you to incorporate a completely tailored PPC campaign. Your analyst will keep you updated on your campaign progress and strategy so you can see the results. Our team continues research and testing to maximize effectiveness and efficiency, so you can avoid spending money on unnecessary keywords. We stay up-to-date on constantly changing trends and seasonal developments so you can enjoy the highest quality campaign.

 Deciding between SEM and SEO?

Give us a call or submit a contact form and we can develop a customized strategy for your business. SEM is not a good fit for everyone and we will be upfront about whether or not the paid marketing opportunities on Google, Bing, Facebook, etc are a good fit for the industry/market(s) you want to target. Most of our clients only use SEO, some rely only on SEM, and others utilize a balance of both. Our internet marketing experts can help you make that decision!

 Transparent Reporting

mta360TM‘s comprehensive reporting system provides accurate, high quality reports throughout the duration of your campaign. Transparency and consistency are essential to the success of the SEM products we provide, and reports allow us to provide exactly that, plus better optimization and more efficient results. Get maximum benefits from mta360TM and get ready to jump start your business’ online visibility today!