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Newspapers are one of the most misunderstood forms of advertising.  After all, who reads the newspaper anymore?  The answer is: millions of people!  Newspaper readers generally have higher incomes, higher education levels, and tend to be home owners – just the people you want to reach!  Although circulation has declined in certain markets, print media remains one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise.

The keys to success are simple: Consistency, design and placement!  A consistent 10-month print campaign is the best way to reach consumers.  mta360TM has negotiated the very best print media rates which allow us to create a year-long campaign that delivers the most impressions possible.

mta360TM understands print readership patterns, and we use this information to ensure your ads will run where the greatest number of readers will see it. We know that size and placement matters. A strategically placed quarter page advertisement is the best way to maximize visibility.

An effective ad is also well-designed.  Attractive graphics, colors and images that connect with the customer generate a high level of interest.  Working with mta360TM offers a real advantage in this regard.  Our creative team is skilled at producing eye-catching advertisements.  All of mta360TM’s print ads are full-color. Because of our buying volume, we can offer full-color ads at black and white prices – a huge savings for YOU.

mta360TM is on the leading edge of print media campaigns, and is one of the few companies that can help you create print ads that work. From traditional newspaper advertising, to progressive “ad scapes,” we can reach millions of potential customers for less than a penny each!

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Customized Radius Marketing through Direct Mail

Radius Program

  • Mail to the closest 50 neighbors around every job!
  • Mail what you want, when you want, with very little lead time.
  • Each piece is personalized throughout with the recipient’s name, proven for better response rate.
  • Mail piece will have the street name of your last job, letting the homeowner know you are the preferred provider in the neighborhood.
  • Includes printing, postage, and the list of home owners around every job!
  • Neighboring homeowners have similar needs. You’ll get the right message into the right hands at the right time!

Easy to Execute

We’ll mail to a neighborhood for just $44.50*


  • Minimal, one-time design fee with no huge commitments.
  • Perfect for even the smallest budgets.
  • Ability to do repeat mailings at the set of a button.
  • Personal concierge, to help you grow your business every step of the way!

*One-time creative/set-up fee of $250.
12 month subscription required for access at just $9.95 per month.

TV & Radio

Television and radio advertising are two of the most exciting ways to build your company’s brand. mta360TM understands how to create top-quality television and radio advertisements. Our customers learn about placement strategies, the impact of ratings on lead results, and the most effective ways to design television and radio spots that will provide the type of differentiation you want.

Which stations and programs receive the highest viewership from your target audience? The answers may surprise you! mta360TM gets to know your business, researches exactly who your customers are, then utilizes the latest viewership data to determine placement for your commercials. As a result, you are more likely to reach your prime prospects.

mta360TM can also help you maximize your television and radio budget to create high-quality TV spots and radio ads. We work with some of the best directors and producers in the industry. Because of our unique position in the media, we are also able to help you take full advantage of advertising package buys – money-saving strategies most other companies will never tell you about!

Utilizing cable or network television and radio can be an important component of your marketing plan. mta360TM can help you apply this media to the best advantage for your business!