Search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo, are constantly changing the way they evaluate the words you use to describe your products and services. These changes are primarily based in a newer division of computer science known as semantic search. Semantic search is the process of improving search accuracy by more fully understanding searcher’s intent. Semantic search is meant to make your customers’ searches more relevant. With the rise and changes of semantic search, your website could face new filters that affect the way you are ranked when people search for your services.

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The team at mta360TM has ever-expanding knowledge on the way search engines evaluate search terms. We’re dedicated to using this knowledge, along with existing SEO and web content services, to help keep your website at the top of the pack. We expand beyond simple keyword matching to include links based on attributes, integrity, relationships, and customer actions.


 Add Horsepower to Your SEO

mta360TM offers a full suite of web optimization tools, including semantic search capabilities, designed to keep your website and your sales efforts competitive in the digital marketplace.

Semantic search not only looks for specific keywords, but also examines the nature of the words themselves, their relevance, the relationship they have to other words, and the actions people tend to take when those words are used. To search engines like Google, “words” are not just “words” anymore – they’re “word entities.” With mta360TM, you’ll receive products from a team that remains consistently updated on the constantly changing evaluation of search terms.!

 Increase your website’s domain authority.

Our SEMANTIXSTM packages include regular content generation, publication, and ongoing research to ensure your message remains relevant and recognizable by major search engines. We offer the most robust and effective semantic optimization tools available anywhere. We know we can’t change the rules the world’s largest search engines use to determine your credibility, but we can give them what they want – accurate and high quality content, semantic relevance, and linked integrity.