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How Can I Grow My HVAC Company?

We hear this question time and time again about small business owners trying to grow their heating and cooling business, and we understand that it can be difficult to get more new customers calling without spending a lot of money on ads and marketing. We have found that the use of digital marketing, otherwise known as SEO can be a very useful tool to help grow your organic traffic, and bring in free clicks to your website from Google and other search engines. Now that isn’t the only trick to growing your HVAC business either, one major thing you need to make sure you do is push for annual or biannual service agreements to help keep your technicians busy during the off-season. Our HVAC Consulting & Marketing Experts at MTA360® have seen this as a major issue in our industry over the years. When it’s sunny and 70, how do you keep your techs busy? Routine maintenance can help fill in the gaps during the year so you don’t have to let quality employees go due to a lack of leads. Below are some of the biggest tips & tricks that we share with our clients to make sure they’re in the absolute best position as possible to grow their business year over year. These techniques typically help our clients grow their organic traffic at 40%-100% year-over-year, helping them to consistently grow their heating and cooling company.

Improve your HVAC Companies Online Presence

    • Build a sleek & modern website that is SEO-Friendly as well as user-friendly. You want to make sure anyone that lands on your website gets a professional and welcoming feeling as soon as they reach your website. If someone lands on a single page confusing site, they’re most likely to bounce off of your website and move on to the next. This is why a modern, professional website is so important to growing your HVAC business.


    • Consistently get 5-Star reviews on Google. Your rating on Google isn’t just for letting potential new customers know how great you are at what you do. The quality, quantity, and frequency at which you get these reviews also determines how high you rank in the map section on the search engine results page. By getting more reviews and maintaining a higher rating than your competitors, this will help you rise to the top in the map section, generating more phone calls from new customers.


    • Follow the best SEO Practices on your website. It’s very important to have your onsite SEO optimization handled. Having your Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Headings, and Content all in order communicating to Google, who you are, what you do, and where you’re trying to rank is what will help you rise to the top of page 1 and bring in more free organic visitors to your website daily. The best thing to understand about SEO is that you’re using the content on your website to communicate with Google. You’re telling them what you want to rank for and where you want to rank. Understanding how to do onsite SEO can be very complicated, and it’s often worth having HVAC SEO Experts handle your SEO so you can focus on what you do best, which is running your HVAC business.


  • Have content for all of your services. This sounds obviously, but if you install heat pumps, have a page for heat pumps! If you also do plumbing and electrical, make sure you have pages for that as well! The biggest mistake we see in the HVAC industry is that people assume that Google knows what they do without telling them. If you’ve done a bit of research on SEO best practices, you’ve probably heard the phrase “Content is King” and that still stands true today. Websites with more content typically rank higher than those with very little content. So if you provide a service, make sure you let your customers know, and more importantly, make sure you let Google know if you want them to rank you on page 1 for it!

Who Should I Trust To Build My Website & Manage My SEO?

We at MTA360® hope you learned a thing or two about SEO & growing your heating and cooling company, and if you have enough information to give your own SEO a shot we hope the best for you! But if you’re busy like a lot of business owners and clients of ours, we know that partnering with the right team can be a make or break decision. MTA360® is the preferred marketing partner of major HVAC Brands & Distributors across the United States, and we have years of experience in the HVAC Industry. We aren’t an SEO or Marketing company, we are and HVAC Success Company. Not only do we know the best HVAC SEO Practices that help our client’s businesses grow substantially year-over-year, but we are also HVAC industry experts, so we can help consult with you to make sure your business is running as efficiently as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact the HVAC SEO Pros at MTA360® if you want to partner with the heating and cooling marketing specialists trusted by large distributors and hundreds of individual HVAC Companies.

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Carlo Cardella
Desert Diamond Mechanical

Since we engaged with you in 2014, we are amazed with the results as you have us ranking on the first page of Google in Chicago for hundreds of keywords and due to that we have seen lead generation exceed 1000 leads per month….

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Just wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU! In the past couple of days, I have receiving great feedback from my dealers on the leads coming from their MTA360® websites. In addition. we have seen a substantial improvement…

Carrier Territory Manager

I have been working with MTA360® since the beginning of 2016 with great success in the West Coast of Florida Market. Jack and his team have over-delivered in every aspect of our business relationship…

Robert A. Cousino
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MTA360® created our current website for us a few years back. During this time they have provided us regular support, social media management and they handle all of our SEO. Jack has taken his many years in the HVAC trades…

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